Registration is open for the 2018 Galway Flute Festival!

Registration is now open for the 29th Annual Galway Flute Festival in Weggis, Switzerland!

Register early, as rooms will go fast at Stella Matutina!

Held in the beautiful lakeside town of Weggis, Switzerland this 10 day Festival offers flutists of all abilities the chance to participate in a wonderfully supportive environment with the Master and other world renowned artists.

Each day begins with warm-ups led by Sir James, focusing on tone production and technique. The day continues with masterclasses given by Sir James and Lady Galway, along with Guest Artists' workshops on orchestral excerpts, chamber music, jazz improvisation, piccolo, low flutes, contemporary techniques and more. Evenings are filled with concerts by the world's leading flutists and an Opening Gala Concert with Sir James and Lady Galway.

Throughout the week we will have a large array of beautiful instruments on display for you to play and enjoy, thanks to the many flutemakers who support our Festival. Thanks to their generosity, we are fortunate to be able to offer special prizes to deserving students at the end of the Festival. These prizes include handmade head joints, piccolos and flutes!

All classes are open to all students and music lovers to observe throughout the Festival. Classes and recitals will all be live-streamed on Facebook!

We invite you to join us for an inspiring week filled with picturesque sights and sounds, taught by the Master and his friends!

NEW Galway / Gemeinhardt Flutes Collaboration

Sir James and Lady Galway have announced a new collaboration with Gemeinhardt Flutes, to incorporate their online teaching series, First Flute, with a new series of exceptional student flutes designed by Sir James himself! “Working closely with Sir James to develop our new series has been both an amazing and enlightening experience for us at Gemeinhardt!” says David Pirtle, President and CEO of Gemeinhardt Musical Instrument. “He has generously shared his experience, knowledge and expertise with us, and for this we are truly grateful. We have tested the First Flute program first-hand and are very excited about this invaluable opportunity for beginning and intermediate students to take lessons with the Master himself. First Flute with a Gemeinhardt flute are a winning combo!"

The Galway Crusader C1 model headjoint kicks off the series with a design Gemeinhardt carefully constructed to Sir James Galway’s exacting specifications. Through the latest technological advancements, Gemeinhardt is able to replicate the headjoint design for each and every headjoint produced. The inconsistencies of the hand making process are taken out of the equation, and the flutist’s expectations for high quality sound production are guaranteed in every headpiece. 

Although he is as busy as ever on the International Concert Scene, Sir James says that his passion now lies in music education - and that is the legacy he wants to leave behind. 

"I consider myself a crusader. I've spent all these years in the battlefield, so to speak, and now I want to teach these kids how to fight. Music gives you an extra colour in your education, when kids are learning music at school, it gives them their own voice. More importantly than that, it teaches them comradeship, the importance of playing together and pulling together to make moments of great intensive beauty." 
~Sir James Galway

For more information on the Galway Crusader headjoint, please see the Gemeinhardt Flutes website.