Flute teaching with Lady Jeanne Galway

I have such an incredibly full and fulfilled life today because of music and music education.

When I was 10-years-old I was fortunate to have the opportunity to choose a musical instrument through a free music program at our school.

Growing up in the USA, I had always been attracted to marching bands, music of any kind. So when we moved to a new school that offered the chance to play an instrument - I was counting the days.

My first instrument of choice was not the flute, but the trombone. I was advised, being a young girl, not to play the trombone, but to choose the flute or clarinet. Hesitantly, I went to my first lesson telling the teacher I did not want to play the flute, but the trombone. I was asked to sit down and take the flute and we would see about me playing the trombone later.

What happened next is a moment that I will never forget and changed my life. I picked up the flute, made a sound, loved the sound and that was it. My life changed in one moment, and everything after was all about the flute and music…. all because of a free music education system in our local school.

Music education was available for me. Good teachers were available. Mentors were always there, all along the way to help me pursue my passion and dreams.

I am one of the very lucky ones. I have been given the chance to pursue my dream, on the highest level, surrounded by and performing with the finest musicians today on the International concert scene.

My journey has been a very simple one - I have loved teaching since I was 12-years-old. I have always felt a passion to share what I learned in my early years. Giving a student the foundations of learning a musical instrument and later, bringing them to a higher level, has brought me such joy and even more joy to those I have been able to share this learning experience with.

Playing a musical instrument is not just about playing an instrument. It is journey of self exploration combined with confidence, passion, deep friendships and bonds within the community and bringing oneself to circles that one would never dream of, a ticket to a fulfilling life. For this reason, I seek to keep music education alive and available to all.